Thé wholesaler in home decorations

PeriDesign by periglass

PeriDesign by Periglass

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We want it to make it easy for you to work with us. Have a look at the webshop on our website for a quick order.  Questions? Ideas? If you want to discuss into more details about our B2B, the products, the transport or if you would like to have style advice, there are different ways to contact us. We look forward hearing from you.

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PeriDesign started in 1994. Cees and Hettie Verwijmeren are the founders. They have been at the helm for te past 25 years.

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Meanwhile, the team is expanded with second generation family members and growing as a family business. This ensures that we can now truly speak of a family run business and we are proud of that! 

What we do? PeriDesign is a wholesaler in home decoration and home accessories. With our home decorations we help you to create a
PERfect Interior.

PeriDesign is an importer and designer. We are specialized in the B2B market.
Our creations are mostly made in the traditional way and mainly from glass, ceramics and sometimes polyresin.

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We are proud to tell you that "The Original" oil lamps are now sold in 10 countries and PeriDesign is the market leader

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