All PeriDesign vases are treated and water resistant. We have large vases but also small vases. You can use them for flowers, plants, but also as an object, it is always a luxurious decoration in the home. The vases are exclusive and specially designed by PeriDesign.

Organic Vase AMBER S /1658

Organic Vase AMBER M /1659

Organic Vase AMBER XS /1660

Topvase OLIVE 13,5*16 cm /1661

Organic Vase OLIVE ES /1664

Vase Organic OLIVE M /1665

Organic Vase OLIVE S /1666

Romantic Bubble S /1782

Romantic Bubble M /1783

Naturel Bubble Yellow /1784

Vase Window weight Yellow /1785

Vase Window Yellow narrow /1786